Not looking forward

I’m really not looking forward to my birthday this year…. it’s In like 2 days, and I have to work. Been working the midnight to 8 am shift. It’s a 9 day stretch and I’m about half way through but honestly right now I have no clue on what day # it’s is or even what day…

So no festivities,  dinner, drinking nothing for my birthday and for some reason the 23 is depressing,  it only goes down hil from here. I just wish I could have had off and been able to do what I wanted.  I feel the fact that I had this stuff planned THEN realized I worked a bond (no clue what I ment here) had to shoot those plans down really took the wind out of my sails. Prob just going to treat it like any other day.

(Also a draft I found. Before the first week of Feb when I wrote it. And yes my birthday did suck)


Well the heck with you then

Sooooo something that happened the other day has been bugging me more than it should. Before the plumming was fixed I would typically wind up shower if at my job. Since I work at a truck atop they have lots of shower rooms and I get to use them for free. Have been for a while and the one day, well actually the last time I did. I typically used the team/ handicapped shower since it was by itself on the first floor, was bigger and typically seemed cleaner To me. Well the guy who cleans them bitched to one of the ooh managers and the next day he (the manager) said something to me about how the guy was pissed cause I made a mess, etc. How the f**k do you make a mess of a shower?!?! The thing that bugs me the most is I would typically go out of my why to try and make the cleaners job as easy as possible.  Like to the point of taking the removable shower head and washing down the walls and floor! Like all the guy had to do was mop and get my towels. (Which I left neatly in a pile) all 2 of them… like the hell? It bugs me way more than it should. I know I’m terrible for not proof reading..


Rain rain go away!

As I sit here at work, bored now,  finally thought to update. Works been okay. Up untill a day or 2 ago when I found out the didn’t put in my time off for my upcoming ww2 reenactment. It’s ago fairly large one and costed me $60 for registration and I’m only going to be able to go down for ago day and to add insult to injury I start a 9 day stretch of our midnight to 8 am shift. 9 days, no overtime. Due to the setup of our pay/ work week. It’s a rotating schedule where all of us work a 9 day rotation so maybe every 2 or 3 months we’lll have to work this st reach and I am NOT looking forward to it.

Being winter work has slowed down a lot and I work on a commission based pay so the last like 3 or 4 checks have sucked. Also I got health insurance.  Forced to get I should say. (Thanks obama) so that cut even deeper into my already small checks. Really been thinking hard of other ways to make money.  Ebay is so hit and miss and the room it takes me to effectively organize the stuff I’m selling takes up too much room. But most hobs aren’t a work whenever you want because the fabulous company I work for is a 24/7 operation and my work times are always rotating. is 4 to midnight for me bit I’ve been 10 to 6 pm noon to 8pm 2 to 10 pm had a few 8am to 4pm shifts and my days off are random. Sometimes they’re consecutive or broke up. I toyed with the idea of Uber but I don’t have the “correct” vehicle for them. Almost wish I could buy an old cop car. (No worry of messes etc)  but other than that no clue what I could do to supplement our income without killing myself (again) cause I can only work 55 plus hrs a week so long before I burn out.  I’ve done it at least 2 seperate times.

I’m having a love/ hate relationship with these shifts I’m working. I like the 4 to mid shifts because I can get stuff done during the day and what not but I also like the noon to 8pm shifts because then I get home and get to spend a few hrs with sierra.  But then I can easily work on stuff around the house. I’m about halfway done installing carpet in my gun room but slightly upset the installation is going the way it’s going. Probably going to have waves in the carpet even though I bought a carpet kicker which is what professionals use. It’s frustrating but I’m just going to get over it so we can get it down and get my stuff moved and organized in my gun room and out of Sierra’s way. I have more to post but I don’t want to use and nymph of my data right now.

That rut. Trying to be positive

Stuck in the rut…

Sitting here, Sierra’s sleeping on the couch as always. for like the last week or 2 it seems like the second I get home and on the couch she falls asleep. its frustrating but I cant blame her.

Everyday is the same. get up. lay around, go to work. come home, try to do something. (housework, ebay stuff, etc)

but trying to be positive, I paid all my credit card debt off and my credit score crested 700! and my birthday was the begging of the month. ill try and post more. When I lay in bed its all I can think about but when I get up I don’t feel it.

I have no time…. and energy

I started my summer classes last week and I have 3 classes this summer….. because my university cant fulfill my requirements in time. one class is on campus at 830AM to noon then I work at 330PM till midnight. so needless to say, im exhausted, I cant focus to do work between 12 to 3 and if I have something to do I wind up doing it after work. ive went to sleep at 230AM at least 3 times this past month just to get up for class. I pretty much never see sierra as well. and when I am home I just want to sleep/ lay around and watch movies…. I feel like I might be like half depressed. Im half falling asleep right now. ill try my best to post again shortly.

Plans? because they ever work out…. Belligerant……. overall blah

Well today turned into one of those days where everything goes wrong and I get belligerently pissed off at everything. I slept till noon because I guess my body needed 9 and a half hours of sleep. I wound up working a little late, got gas and got home a little after 1am. today/ Saturday was my free day from work. My dad and I got a trust made. Well I did the research, found a site, filled out the info, and he paid for it. There are different types of trusts. its kinda like a will or other similar legal document. In the firearms world a trust is a good way to own NFA items, NFA stands for the “National Firearms Act” of 1934 when its passage regulated “gangster type weapons” as a way to reduce crime cause by prohibition. (even though it was repealed in 1932) so when the progressives couldn’t pass it as a form of gun control, they passed it by calling it a “tax”  to pass it under the federal governments taxing power clause. The NFA regulates machine guns, suppressors/ silencers, short barreled rifles and short barreled shotguns, and destructive devices (grenades, mortars, rockets, artillery, etc). basically to own something classified in the NFA you had to pay a $200 “tax” stamp. back in 1934 $200 was a HUGE amount, luckily it hasn’t changed since. so every NFA thing you buy you have to pay an extra $200 on top of the price for the tax stamp. Well to the point, a trust/ “gun trust” is to allow (among other things) multiple people to own a single NFA item. We got the trust made and my dad, my mom, and myself are all on the trust and we had to go to a notary to sign all the pages and such. Sierra and I got to my parent’s house and no one was home, even though our plan was to meet and go to the local, small car dealership to notarize the trust. after calling my parents I found out they went to a local gun shop, so we had to wait around for them to get back. my dad started calling notaries and all of them were closed, he called prob 9 different people/ dealers, either closed or didn’t pick up. I started calling around but no luck, I was already pretty pissed off at everything but this was def pushing me over the edge. I finally got through to a lady, made plans and we headed over the mountain to her house, signed the papers, Sierra signed as a witness, the ladies husband was the other witness, we had to go back home because my mom had some play she had to go to. got home and was going to go to the gun shop my dad and I planned to buy our suppressor from an hour or so away but my dad did the whole ” oh its 4 o clock and they close at 5, we cant make it…” etc. this pushed me over the edge, I was beyond pissed, it was so damn frustrating. I woke up late, got to my parents late, they wanted me to do random errands for them. Before I left my current living city, I had to pick up scaffolding from the job site my dad is working at because he is going to turn it into a dear stand. I of course wore my good shoe, and stepped in a mud hole. then after I did get home my parents wanted me to take the scaffolding up on the mnt to the “sportsman’s club” we belong to, drop off the scaffold and pick up 6 boards, like 2 by 10 sized.  drop off at the house again and we talked about going tomorrow (Sunday) to the gun shop to buy the suppressor. Now we can buy the suppressor but we have to wait for months and months for the ATF to approve it before we can posses and use the suppressor. but I work tomorrow, so were going to get up early and get down to my parents and then drive to the gun shop to get there when they open. then head to work. I really don’t want to work, well maybe, weekends are slow, I like that more than crazy busy. Mondays and Tuesdays are the worst i’ve come to learn. I want to write more, maybe tomorrow….? PSSH, yea right, maybe Monday though. of course I have to find time to take an online quiz tomorrow, that’s due by midnight….. when I get off work…..