Finished my shifts of nightie.  The nice part with the end is I’ll get done, home and in bed about 930 ish and sleep for a few. Wake back up at 1 ish and then have the Rest of the day to do stuff.

Since I haven’t mowed since the beginning of the month I HAD to do it today.  I’m honestly suprise I didn’t get a letter from the borough telling me I had to cut it. It was that bad. Also ran the recycling out,  got a quick bite. Tidy up a small bit I  the house and am going to take my boat back to my parents for the winter and also get my obscene amount of glass recycling taken out. My county no longer recycles glass and it’s been over a year and I can’t bring myself to just throw it away when I can take it to the township right across from my parents in the next county over. So it will be nice to get that done.

Then awesome fair food and truck pulls!


Can’t have anything nice

Well, once again I have been meaning to update this. Oddly enough I’m going to be starting my night shift again in a day which was the last time I updated this.

Among many issues and such the main reasons for my grievance is, about a month ago while mowing I got stung twice by bees and they hit hard. I haven’t been stung in years but man it hurt.  Found the nest Luckly but was in my little firewood pile so I’m unable to have campfires and mow near it till I figure out how to get rid of them. Also just today while mowing I moved my boat and am pretty sure there is a hornet nest in it. I also hooked up the hose to run  the motor for a little bit and they were flying around. Hoping to not get stung. Luckly I did not but it’s frustrating to have to deal with ANOTHER nest of stinging insects. Also to add that, ants! Darn ants, have the usual black ant in the kitchen. Always fighting them. Then found out the living room has a ton of these small brownish ants. Like very tiny but darn things swarm anything sweet or food like.