This shift is killing me

Finally! Tonihht is the last night of my 9 day stretch of midnight to 8 am shift.  (No overtime) it has been straight hell. It wasn’t terrible most days while working because there was plenty for me to do and could actually make some $ (if the didn’t fuck me on it) but other than the time I was working on something I was in hell and it definitely didn’t help home life. It pretty much made it terrible. Made me stressed, angry, bipolar,  and depressed. Wanting to fight with sierra and like lose it of or no reason and of course she’s working a ton and a bunch of days in a row between both jobs and completely opposite shift of me. Also so far I’ve left work on time, once. ONCE. and by the time I get home sierra is gone and a lot of the days she wouldn’t get off till 8 anyway so me being a dumb piece of shit  we spend our small amount of time being angry or upset. And she basically sleeps as soon a hits were done eating… so yea glad it’s over and really hoping to improve our relationship once things are kind of back to normal. It’s getting pretty rocky I might as well be off road in. …


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