Well the heck with you then

Sooooo something that happened the other day has been bugging me more than it should. Before the plumming was fixed I would typically wind up shower if at my job. Since I work at a truck atop they have lots of shower rooms and I get to use them for free. Have been for a while and the one day, well actually the last time I did. I typically used the team/ handicapped shower since it was by itself on the first floor, was bigger and typically seemed cleaner To me. Well the guy who cleans them bitched to one of the ooh managers and the next day he (the manager) said something to me about how the guy was pissed cause I made a mess, etc. How the f**k do you make a mess of a shower?!?! The thing that bugs me the most is I would typically go out of my why to try and make the cleaners job as easy as possible.  Like to the point of taking the removable shower head and washing down the walls and floor! Like all the guy had to do was mop and get my towels. (Which I left neatly in a pile) all 2 of them… like the hell? It bugs me way more than it should. I know I’m terrible for not proof reading..



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