Please sir can I have some more

So begins the next 2 weeks of lame, repetitive food. we’re starting to only eat at home.  (gasp, novel concept I know) we have a large amount of food but it seems like a small selection.  we have literally about 32 POUNDS of boxed pasta, 3 or 4 box’s of mac and cheese. Prob about 8 to 10 jars of sauce, unknown number of canned goods. corn, peas, green beans, ravioli,  beefaroni,  and canned spaghetti and meat balls. frozen meat for dayzzzz but I feel if we try and make more meals, we’re always short 1 or 2 ingredients.  like we have frozen breaded chicken patties but no buns, no sliced cheese. no  parmesan for a poor persons chicken parmesan.  last night we had hot dogs and beef ramen noodles. had almost completely stale hot dog buns to finish.

Checked my account,  $3.01 left. I have 10 or 11 days before I get paid again. so was not expecting this loss of income….


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