Water the yard. It rains…..

Another quick post before work. I have the sprinkler going and watering a part of my yard. And like always its getting dark out and looks like it might rain. always happens when I water the grass. Its been so hot and sunny the grass is so crispy.

Sierra is in Watkins Glenn at a wine festival with her mom. I really hope shes having a good time. I’m assuming she is because she loves wine. I’m pretty sure the tasting is free and a huge selection of bottles to buy from. as per her snapchat her mom got her some things and looked like a much to add to the mug collection. which also makes me happy. a few months back I built sierra a peg board wall in the kitchen above the stove for all of her mugs and it turned out great and looks awesome.

Side note though, I freaking hate bugs, I’m so sick and tired of them. the house has been taken over by ants and june bugs. luckily it hasn’t been as bad the last 2 weeks or so than earlier where the june bugs were coming through the AC and ants everywhere. in the kitchen and living room. I was losing it. I really did want to kinda set the house on fire. Just remember I need to pack some clothes for tomorrow, oh dang and get cash for gas. I’m heading to “tyler’s” house tomorrow. well tonight after work. Were setting up a tent for a Vietnam reenactment next weekend. Going to head out now.


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