OH what to do what to do

This will be short because I need to change for work and get something to eat since I haven’t eaten all day. and pack my dinner so I don’t buy anything at work and we have a lot of left overs that I either eat or throw away because only 2% of the time sierra eats hers. But anyway. I’m starting to get into Vietnam reenacting but there’s only 1 event we do per year. its more of a side project type thing but the event is this coming weekend and we do a navy seals impression. They’re pretty easy. you get to mix and match gear. But all I need is a jacket, boots and maybe a hat but I think I’m going to just wear a OD green bandana. and technically a belt. Luckily this check was great and everything is pretty much paid for this time. (for bills and 100 bucks toward each of my credit cards) I have about $278 left for food and gas the next 2 weeks. boots and a jacket are going to run me about 72- 76 ish. so 200 and I usually estimate 60 per week for gas so 80 bucks left over for food. which now is $0 because the sewer bill is due so actually that’s $91. sooooo -$11 for me.


The big thing is too is that its once a year and I really don’t wanna wait ANOTHER whole year to participate. I missed out last year, I didn’t have anything together at all.


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