Today was…. “one of those days”

Today was one of those days that just about everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Sierra and I went to my parents house to meet my dad. we were going to go,,,, well I was going to go at around 1 but sierra’s one professor was stuck at the airport and it didn’t look like she was going to have class so we decided for her to come with. I had to help my dad move some furniture from my grandmothers house to my parents house. I figured after this I could stop at the some what local cheesesteak shop. I LOVE their cheesesteaks, they are so good! then I figured after sierra and I can go to the sportsman’s club I belong to  which is on the mountain behind my parents house, and go shooting. For my birthday my parents got me 2 muzzle breaks for 2 of my firearms. A muzzle break is an apparatus that is on the muzzle of a gun and when the bullet leaves the barrel, all the gases that are escaping are directed by the muzzle break and it helps reduce the recoil of the firearm.


I found this in my drafts folder which I has not seen until now. this was suppose to be posted March 14, 2014 a little over 2 YEARS ago…… blows my mind…


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