Today was…. “one of those days”

Today was one of those days that just about everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Sierra and I went to my parents house to meet my dad. we were going to go,,,, well I was going to go at around 1 but sierra’s one professor was stuck at the airport and it didn’t look like she was going to have class so we decided for her to come with. I had to help my dad move some furniture from my grandmothers house to my parents house. I figured after this I could stop at the some what local cheesesteak shop. I LOVE their cheesesteaks, they are so good! then I figured after sierra and I can go to the sportsman’s club I belong to  which is on the mountain behind my parents house, and go shooting. For my birthday my parents got me 2 muzzle breaks for 2 of my firearms. A muzzle break is an apparatus that is on the muzzle of a gun and when the bullet leaves the barrel, all the gases that are escaping are directed by the muzzle break and it helps reduce the recoil of the firearm.


I found this in my drafts folder which I has not seen until now. this was suppose to be posted March 14, 2014 a little over 2 YEARS ago…… blows my mind…


Peter Russo

I’m sitting in my recliner with House of Cards playing in the background. I’m re-watching the series. I’m at the end of season 1 and beginning of season 2. I slept through a few episodes. I was watching season 2 episode 3 but I missed a few so I’m back about 4 or 5 episodes.  Love the show.

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Just finished doing some things around the house. Got stone delivered for the driveway and I spread all the stone. The thing that irks me is that I tried getting this done yesterday, which was my day off and it was nice out. my fiancé stopped at our borough office and paid the sewer bill and ordered the stone. she came back and said that she couldn’t pay there or something and to just give them my contact info. this was at 9 am then by 2pm I hadn’t heard anything so I stopped by talked to them and dropped off the checks. $10 for a fuel/ delivery charge and a blank check for the stone. then they did the well idk how busy they are and they go home at 3:30 so it will probably be tomorrow. so this morning around 10 – 10:30 the guy knocked on the door. came back delivered the stone then I spent the next 2 hrs moving and raking it in the rain since it just had to rain today, but it looks great. Then I showered and got warmed up and changed into my work clothes. then I’ve been messing around on the computer and got a package ready to ship. selling stuff on ebay is fun and is great to make a little extra cash. have that little saved up to buy something small off ebay or I used what I saved up to send some money to a friend. I bought a gun from him last year for World War 2 reenacting. To get what he had would cost around $1500 to $1600 New and he sold it to me for $800 and I didn’t have to pay all at one which is really helpful. so I’m down to about $190 thanks to the extra $50 I had in my paypal.

I did want to say, How the heck do people stay in business when the literally bend over and totally screw customers on shipping? I HAD to buy a part for my Browning 1919A4 and there’s only one maybe 2 companies that make the part. So I emailed the main company and that part is just a trigger……$60 plus shipping. then they told me it would be $9.75. okay kinda  lot but I need it. Got the invoice, $14.14 to ship a 5.3 ounce package!!!!

Like holy hell throw the damn thing in a flat rate box. They are only one state over too!!

Screw UPS and they are not smart in using them for small stuff.