Update. November already!!!

I just went back and read my last post….. wow has a lot happened since then,

We did get the house! The one that’s a few miles from campus and in the nearby borough. The whole home buying process was a huge pain in the ass. The things I learned. Do NOT trust the realtor, the seller, or anyone the relator suggests for work/ inspections. this has kinda been a mini disaster. When we finally got to closing, which we had to extend from the end of July to Aug 16th we got the final amount that we had to pay for closing….. about $1100 which is WAY less than we had planned for, we were thinking $3200 to $3600. so that is one of the positive things. so we moved and that was also a little disaster, could have been worse but once we got to the house unpacking was a bitch. I had some work I wanted to do in the basement before we really loaded the house down with stuff. I had to/ wanted to get the one main beam supported and jacked up a little before. once we unpacked it was interesting because sierra had packed everything pretty random. like not by room or where it would go after, just whatever she could fit in the box. which wound up being frustrating but I cant say too much because I didn’t do much of the actual box packing. We still are loosing/ trying to find stuff that got lost in the move…. and that is definitely annoying.

we did have a house warming/ labor day party. that was an amazing time. sierra parents helped with the food and brought a grill. Luckily her step dad is picky about which burgers he eats and he doesn’t like the idea of 2 liter bottle so he just bought us cans of soda and the burgers he like are really good but like 6- 8 bucks a pack for 6 patties. I just bought the beer and rolls and hot dogs! My grandmother, aunt and 2 of her kids came. my parents, family friends (couple), and my moms best friend from high school and her husband came. I don’t think anyone else made it. Well my “best” friend “Tyler” came, he actually was the first one here. The mother f**ker showed up and was here for 30 mins then just left. never told me, texted me or anything. we were all outside hanging out and talking and he was in my living room sitting on the couch the whole time. I came in the get a beer and make fun of him for not being outside with us and he was gone and I looked around and didn’t see him. I looked outside and his vehicle was gone. Still have yet to mention this fact but I don’t see the need to bring it up currently.

So back to the shithead relator and seller. I keep finding one issue after another. it started out with the electrical in the living room. my insurance company made me replace the wiring in the living room because some of it was knob and tube wiring, which is the earliest for of residential wiring dating back to the 1920’s and 1930’s. and I HAD to hire someone to do the work. My insurance would let my dad and I do the work, even though she knows us very well and knows that we could easily do the work. I wish I would have taken a picture of this box, They had 5, yes FIVE different wire lines going into this electrical box, and the light fixture. (which didn’t work anyway).

To make a long story short, we eliminated all the wires, ran a new wire from the breaker box to the light and wired up the switch. They had a light switch but I was wired to an outlet so I would have to plug in a lamp as my “light” and we also wired up a new outlet  with brand new wire the whole way to the breaker box. BUT the big but, we lost all power upstairs. So we got a line running upstairs to the 2nd bedroom and ran a extension cord from there to our master bedroom and I was like that for months. Just within the last month, prob around October I started to change over the access to the attic, to get to the attic there is this square little door in the wall in our bedroom than once you open it you have to grab this piece of ladder and set It on the floor to crawled up onto a small landing then turn and go up a few steps to get to the attic. I had to fix a hole in the ceiling of the hallway because someone stepped through in the attic because that landing only half had a board on it. then ripped out all the old shitty insulation, used foam board and cellulose (which is recycled paper and fiber like that. It doesn’t itch and would hurt you if you breath it.) insulation in the floor of the landing, foam board on the exterior wall. studded in the old hole, insulated with cellulose and foam and then sealed it all up and spackled the dry wall up. so I have the hole cut in the 2nd bedroom (my gun room) and have been working in there a lot. I got 2 switches wired up and power to them and some wire ran. The attic light has power again and now works and the “main” switch is installed and wired but the wire is dead ended in a box until I get it ran to the hole were the old light was and I pick out a new light fixture.

I got side tracked again. the realtor and seller…. we had to buy a sump pump because the seller “borrowed” hers from someone (for 7 years, yea okay). The roof leaks. when I was working in the attic I heard a noise the one time it was raining and found the leak. the chimney had a large gap around it and was leaking into somewhere. Somehow we didn’t see any leaks inside. and basically the whole upstairs in mainly wired with knob and tube wiring. amount other things that are escaping me.

This house is uninsulated and it is kinda chilly right now.. well also we set the thermostat to about 62 because were not rich and are trying to make the oil last.

I really must be going because I was planning to paint and do some more work upstairs but i’ve spend over 45 mins typing this.


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