Finally an update.

I’ve been slacking way too much on the whole blogging thing. I’ve literally been meaning to post for the  last 2 months.


Really spur of the moment. Sierra and I had been throwing around the idea for a while and had looked around many times but I think what kicked my butt was that my parents neighbor had moved out and her kids were working on cleaning up the house and selling it. so I started looking in, talked to one of her kids, etc. I liked the thought of moving back where I grew up, living next to my parents in the countryside and living on a nice sized plot of land. (About an acre) but they didn’t have an idea on price and it was “Valued” online at $145,000 so while looking into getting loans that quickly was shot down. With being young they really don’t like that much. Sierra’s aunt and uncle are also moving and we threw around the idea of moving there but its a single wide with some additions and banks don’t like manufactured homes and I didn’t like it either. Well on our 3rd try of a lender they actually took the time to talk and sit down with me. Even my own bank barely did anything and didn’t help. We found a house about 3 to 4 miles from where we live now and its not near the college or the bars and is out of the city. its still close residential but its a quite borough. The home is an actual house so I was able to get 100% funding through USDA/ PHFA and the house is a 2 bed one bath house that is 2 stories and all of that. The asking price was $67,900 but we were able to get it for $66,500 because the woman who owned the house was almost in foreclosure and has 2 loans on the house so it kinda sucks because we cant have her cover any closing cost, or cover any repairs because she so broke. but still the house and property is worth more.  so we have the inspection today. It was cancelled at first because the lady and the relator didn’t have the power and water turned on in time.

Ill try and update again soon.


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