A LOT has happened in 2 months

So I had some more bad luck with finding jobs. around the beginning of end of Aug/ Sept I went to look for a job at the local correctional faciulty since I have my degree.. They weren’t hiring but there was a clothing company hiring for temp work. if I told you the company you would know exactly where I live and work. haha. I stock shelves with boxes of clothes and stuff.

Vacation was great. I have way to much to say about our vacation which was around my last post. first week of august. Sierra and I had a great time and we played mini golf, I rented a scooter and she rode with me the one night and other stuff.

So about 2 weeks after I started my warehouse job, I got a text from my former manager asking if I wanted to come back to work full time and a bump in my pay up a dollar an hour. my response “YES!” so as of now I work at the warehouse from 10 AM to 3 PM and the drive back to the truck stop and work 3:30Pm to midnight. so im working about 61 hrs a week with random days off. and my “days off” are either a morning free or a afternoon free since the truck stop job is random 7 days a week.

I make good money but its hard because I have NO TIME to do anything. I get up and go to work. work all day and go home and sleep. just on my free days are when I can do stuff. im seeing how long I can do this but if worst comes to worst ill quit the part time job or work it till they don’t need me since its temp.


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