Getting old sucks, the world is messed up.

Still no job, I’ve had 2 interviews so far. One at Arbys and another at a factory. The factory job is nice because it pays well and don’t mind if you work overtime, but they are slave drivers, mandatory overtime almost all the time, ALWAYS working Fri, Sat and Sun for sure, and you cant ever get time off. And the usual 90 days then you get 2.5 days of vacation time. I told them, all I do is WWII reenacting, that’s the only hobby I need time to participate in and it is at most once a month. I don’t have friends. I live for Sierra, work, and myself, including reenacting. They basically told me, no way. I don’t want to work for some slave driving company if all I ask for is 3 days off. Hell I’d work 27 days to be able to have the 3 off. Its literally all I do. I don’t want to be forced into a miserable job where I cant see Sierra barely (cause she works Mon- Fri) and I’m guaranteed to work Fri- Sun. Hell with that. I was called yesterday about an interview at one of the local grocery stores and to interview on Saturday. Which is the first day of our vacation… They said they were only interviewing Saturday, and were leaving at 4 AM. She told me to call when I got back to see what they have open. I reapplied for unemployment again a while back. Because enough time has pasted where they would drop my first quarter of last year and count the first quarter of this year, when I started my one job. Still got denied because I “didn’t make enough” they changed the requirements for unemployment where you have to make 49% or more of your total yearly wages in one quarter. I missed it by $300. FUBAR.

On a lighter note my insomnia is better, I haven’t been taking stuff to help me get to sleep, it still takes about an hour or so to fall asleep. but better than nothing. and I’ve been getting up around 930 which is better than what I use to be doing= 1130 to noon-ish but that was also a side effect of my depression I believe.

I still worry about money and stuff of course and feel bad for Sierra who works her butt off. I feel like a burden…. I maxed my credit card out because I blew a brake line in my truck. had to get some lines replaced. There’s $225. On top of driving 45 mins to pick it up because we were out of town when it happened, luckily there was a auto shop close by that I was able to limp to, even though I ran 3 stop signs, =O but I had NO brakes at all.

IM DONE WITH SCHOOL! I almost forgot. I finished my summer classes and I basically have my degree except I got fucked by the university (like always) and they pulled a oh you owe us $3000 before you can have your degree because apparently the dumb people at the financial aid office cant do anything right. During spring semester I went through all the stuff and paperwork to file my FASPHA or whatever and my grants to get it done and pushed up to summer and fall instead of fall and spring (like normal) they said it was all done. even though my federal loans were maxed I still had grants and stuff. I was set. then literally one week ago well 2 before my last class ended they sent me an email with my “outstanding balance of $2959.98” I called the office and they basically told me to fuck off.

We are going on a much needed vacation. leaving tomorrow. I didn’t go last year because I was working 65- 70 hrs a week and most of it over night 9PM- 730AM. but my grandmother’s health is deteriorating more and more. She always goes with us and I want to spend as many together as I can before she cant or she dies. She is 84 though. So Sierra and I both have enough money to make it happen. I applied for a student credit card from Discover a month of 2 back so I have that card to put my vacation stuff on. I Made payments on both of my credit cards and it felt great.

The stuff im selling on ebay is really really helping me while I don’t have a job. The income covers my credit cards, a few WWII things I get and my living expenses. Well did… we’re paying our rent when we get back. I don’t have the money and sierra doesn’t have the money. Hence the wait. But I still owe her the power bill from last month….


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