No help, Bull paying in and insomnia

As I posted last, I was laid off from my job. the area I live in is a “depressed area” and jobs are few and far between. I have yet to find a job and I applied for unemployment the day after being laid off. I was denied benefits because I did not make enough the previous year/ quarter. they denied me, even though I’ve been paying into unemployment since a was 14! it bull shit that I’ve paid into this since 2008 and the time I actually need the help I cant benefit. its frustrating. Also I’ve had insomnia problems these past few weeks. Last night I was up till 3 am. three hours of laying around and turning. The worst day, Sierra and I went to bed at 1130-1145. I didn’t get to sleep till 530am. Sleeping aids haven’t helped, drowsy causing meds. its a mixture of depression and stress. I think of all of my problems and all of the stuff I have to do when I go to sleep.


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