No help, Bull paying in and insomnia

As I posted last, I was laid off from my job. the area I live in is a “depressed area” and jobs are few and far between. I have yet to find a job and I applied for unemployment the day after being laid off. I was denied benefits because I did not make enough the previous year/ quarter. they denied me, even though I’ve been paying into unemployment since a was 14! it bull shit that I’ve paid into this since 2008 and the time I actually need the help I cant benefit. its frustrating. Also I’ve had insomnia problems these past few weeks. Last night I was up till 3 am. three hours of laying around and turning. The worst day, Sierra and I went to bed at 1130-1145. I didn’t get to sleep till 530am. Sleeping aids haven’t helped, drowsy causing meds. its a mixture of depression and stress. I think of all of my problems and all of the stuff I have to do when I go to sleep.


Well Shit

I got laid off. I went to work yesterday, feeling good, as noted by my post and I was laid off. they let me work the rest of the night but I am no longer employed…. Interesting turn. well have to see how things work out.

Time…. cops….. a Bull.

I’m sitting here listening to family guy, feeling really crappy….  Sierra and I spent the night together, I was hoping for a different outcome but she wound up getting sick and sleep. but its ok. I’ve just been so stressed lately and all I want to do is eat. IM NOT EVEN HUNGARY. and I still want to eat. its annoying and depressing.  So my friend “Dominick” quit his job because they are accusing him of stealing stuff. They called the state police and they started an investigation. They have NO evidence of him doing anything wrong. Now they are interviewing me and “tyler”. They think he stole stuff and sold it to “tyler” and myself. I WANT TO BE A COP FOR CHRIST SAKE! I have to drive an hour and a half to get interviewed! I don’t even think they charged him with anything. Its very stressing. All of which is bad for me in general….  its so frustrating.