White trash in their native habitat……. Cars suck

So why is it that white trash have a thing for taking shopping carts from the store, walking them to their caves and leave them outside? There’s a really trashy apartment building 2 blocks down the road from my apartment and there’s always at least one cart out front on the sidewalk. At one point, I drove by and saw FOUR SHOPPING CARTS on the sidewalk just chilling in random spots. Like your that freaking lazy you cant carry your groceries or even take the cart back when you’re done. Not like they have a job anyway, waking up at the crack of noon is prob really tiring…… trashy bastards. 

Sierras van is really hitting the dirt. We got a new battery for it, thinking that would fix it….. nope, actually got worse. Now the damn thing wont start at all……….. I can barely get under the van to start, to I can get it up on ramps or jack it up to put it on jack stands. We don’t have a jack to do so. We think its the starter, sierra bought one, but changing them is another thing… usually a 3 plus hour job, daylight savings or what ever really screwed us over on that. Especially since today is my only day off.  Did I mention I hate working on cars? they piss me off so much because its always much more difficult than it should be.


random side note, my “friend” “tyler” got another job after the office job, he was working at a janitorial company, he worked there ONE DAY before he got fire! LOL he didn’t get a break that day so he got into a fight with the manager and got fired. so funny. but of course he was trying to get unemployment again or some shit.



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