“Take out wallet, invert, and shake”

I think im going to make the jump into buying a Browning 1919 for my reenactor group. Well myself too. But I belong to a forum where everyone own belt feed rifles, 1919A4/ A6 and 1917’s mostly. Great guys, very helpful. One of them is going to build my gun. I put an ad up looking to buy a parts kit. The ATF and the feds are idiots when it comes to firearms. Ill save the big shpeel for another day but fully automatic machine guns were banned from manufacture in 1986, meaning that anything built before this date was legal and “transferable” cornering the market. so anything has to be semi auto. The US sent 10,000’s of 1919’s mainly to Israel. For most military surplus rifles to be imported they are made into parts kits. They cut the receiver (the body of the gun) and take apart the rest.

parts kit

parts kit

Notice the cuts in the receiver. Then law abiding people (such as myself) can rebuild most of these guns with parts that make them semi auto only and thus comply with the 1986 ban.


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