Well then

Soooo I got a job!! When Sierra and I went to visit here aunt and uncle to drop off some candy bars they bought as part of the fundraiser the young marines are doing. Sierra is the young marines accountant/ bookkeeper. While their her aunts brother or someone else who lives there and is related to her told us about a job opening at the place he works. They live and he works near/ at a truck stop off of interstate 80. I talked and found the site, called the manager, yada yada yada, and got hired. Ill be working full time because if I worked part time I would only be able to work 29 hours a week MAX because of obamacare’s new regulations. so full time avoids that problem. I’m going to start this Saturday and I work a the parts and service counter at the truck stop. I work 4PM to 12 which is a good shift for work/ school, and stuff. it will be a little inconvenient for hanging out with sierra and friends but what job isn’t? So i no longer will have to worry about money. I just hope it doesn’t affect my school. that’s what I worry about the most. ive been doing really well this semester.

My stupid “friends”… (not real names as noted by * *  )

So *tyler* texts me and says that him and *Austin* are up my way and wanted to see about hanging out. I have school work and school notes/ stuff that I need to get together before my class tonight. *Austin* applying for a job up here at a factory. (I worked here as a contractor during the summer) hes NOT MOVING up here. He lives past my parents house, so hes a good 45 mins plus away. this factory works their people like slaves, and the work 7 to 7, 12 hr shifts. moneys good. So he’s going to drive up and back, and since he’s young he will be put on the night sift of 7PM to 7AM. I told them he wont get the job. (good chance he wont) *Tyler* who I told you about getting comp for his injury, got fired… oh sorry… “laid off” from his desk job. Now trying to collect unemployment. I’m pretty well to the point where I only want to deal with him for WWII reenacting. I’m kinda close to getting the 1919. I have a little money from selling the figures we have and stuff but I’m thinking of fronting some of my school refund to get the ball rolling to get the gun built. then whatever I sell ill keep the money from to pay myself back. OH and *Austin* apparently doesn’t want to …. “cant” do WWII reenacting this year because he “doesn’t have money” He also lives at home, pays no rent, power, food, maybe pays his phone and car insurance at most, the rest he prob wastes on his GF that he prob cheats on and buying shit for his truck.

LAME…. all of it sooo on the better side of things

I want to quit my shitty cleaning job but sierra is bugging me to keep it, she even says shell clean for me since ill be at work but then shed want the money. (even though a lot of our money is both of ours so its not like shed spend this money on me anyway) but I just want to get away. I kinda want to call the company I work for and tell them that I wanted to quit but have someone who could replace me right away. Well see how it goes. The internets is still iffy sometimes. working about 75% of the time..


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