Jobs “…3 letterword, J-O-B-S jobs…” – Joe Biden. School

Well I got an email today from Lowes today. Well I should say I found an email form them. Telling me to fuck off (that I didn’t get the job) they sent it to me with in 2 hours of me putting my application in. I just wish they told me why. I think its those stupid “pre employment screening” test. I don’t know what kind of answers they want. I know Wal-Mart wants you to be brainwashed idiots who bow down to the all mighty manager and not think for yourself. I don’t know what Lowes wants. I think they want you to actually think for yourself. Wegmans had another opening for a parking lot person, also told me to fuck off so im back to square one…

Internet still doesn’t work. it worked a little the other day, but im on campus at the library screwing around, prob going to work soon. the one bank closes early on Wednesdays.

As for the school…

I was wrongfully suspended for a semester , but I appealed and was reaccepted. (found out they were in the wrong after I got reaccepted) Im on terms for being readmitted, I have to attend seminars/ workshops (which I can deal with) but this week I have to do “study sessions” for 4 hours for the week, mon- fri they have sessions from 5-9pm THE MOST INCONVIENANT TIME FOR ME! when I work, and having those 4 hours be “mandatory” just makes me not want to do them that much more, just like a parent saying “NO” and you doing “YES.” this will prob be the best semester Ive had yet because I actually like my classes. CRIMINAL JUSTICE COURSES!! weeeoooo.


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