Internet, power company, taxes, and unemployment.

Our internet is still not working, we told them were not paying the bill. We haven’t had internet for at least 2 weeks now. Worse than the internet provider is the power company and distributor. BUNCH OF CROOKS, Sierra and I’s apartment is a living room, kitchen/ hallway, bedroom and a super small bathroom. We got the power bill, $150!!!!!! and some change. We used LESS power than other months. We averaged 11 KWH a day which is prob on the bottom 25% of the amount we used per day throughout the year. We pay a little over 3 cents a KWH from the power company but our shithead provider jacked their rate up to 37 CENTS A KWH. We used 332 KWH’s that month. To which we called and told them to piss off and switched ASAP.

Now taxes, that’s a bunch of BS. Sierra is dual majoring in Accounting and Business management. I made the most i’ve made yet this year, a little over $10,000. I paid in a little over $1000 to the feds. I’m only getting back $641 because the tax bracket I got put into was $444. My “friend” made around $10,000 as well but he’s getting back $770. To which I say “the fuck?” Its frustrating because he doesn’t value work, or money, or where he lives (With his parents, free rent, mainly free food, Etc) he only pays car insurance, phone bill and gas. Sierra and I live on our own, pay our power, internet, gas, insurance, rent (525), going to college and food.(Good thing we’re responsible ADULTS. Also I love my parents dearly, when i’m in school they pay $150 of our rent) My shitty part time cleaning job doesn’t pay or work me enough to make ends meet, i’m running a deficit currently and I HATE that job. I have other applications in luckily. I have been taping into my savings for a good 4 months… Back to taxes. My dad made the most this past year than he ever made before, he’s getting a $1000 LESS than he usually does. Sierra did taxes for a coworkers boy friend, he made a bit over $60,000 this past year, he’s only getting back around $400!!! just because he’s not married and doesn’t own a house. (in his 20’s). The tax system is truly broken, the more you make, the more you get fucked. The rich do pay MORE than their fair share.


Unemployment is a catch 22, my dad is a block mason by trade, back when Obama first was elected he became unemployed and was pretty consistently unemployed for 4 years, luckily he was able to find a few jobs here and there to allow him to keep his unemployment good. Which helped our family stay above water. But at the same time I feel like unemployment should only be minimum wage. To incentive people to get another job. I have another “friend” who is 19/ 20 loss his job, working for a local township, and is drawing unemployment and getting the equivalent to $11 an hour! My “Friend” who lives with his parents, got fired (again) from his most resent job, found a temp job as a laborer, first day of work he hurt himself and took a little bit off the tip of his finger, he got compensation for around 3 weeks, getting $325 A WEEK in pocket (400 a week with a “tax” rate) that’s more than I make in a month. the temp job was only for 6 days and he got paid for 3 weeks, now he’s working an office job for them. Sierra and I are about to head to our bio lecture.


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