Stress: School, Internet, and Reenactors

Sierra and I have service of the local “Cheap” internet service provider. They are local and the cheapest in the area so many of us choose them. It is HORRIBLE. The internet will literally just stop working for NO REASON and it will start to work then it will stop again and its always when I am trying to do something and/ or want to do something important. Which gets me belligerently pissed off and makes it really easy for me to lash out a sierra over stupid things. Its annoying because I know I do it and I HATE upsetting her.

For the school part I always have it in the back of my head and am worrying about school, making sure I don’t get behind, and do well so far. I feel great at this point. Fairly caught up and doing well on tests/ quizzes. but it just adds to the life level of stress. The one thing I learn from living with sierra is that you will take your anger, frustration, or stress out on whoever you live with no matter how much you love them.

I do World War II reenacting, which means at some times I will dress up as a soldier from the war, I do German and American but mostly American. I have more stuff and its cheaper. But in the reenactor community (WW2, Civil War, Vietnam, WW1, or any war) there is a word “Farb” or “Farbe”
found this. it helps give a visual of what a "Farb" may be is a slang innuendo for someone who reenacts but does it in a way that is improper or incorrect to the time period. Most of the time it is young kids who do not have the money for all the proper stuff so they dress up in what they think is correct but lets say they don’t have “Issued” boots so they were modern ones. Or a friend I know has modern glasses that he wears because he hasn’t got his lenses put in a WWII ERA frame. It allows people to nit pick and be “Stich Nazi’s” For whatever reason German reenactor are the worst. You are always getting bitched at for something. Your hair cut, or that’s not the right lighter, or “Germans never captured weapons, why are you carrying that” Every swing dick becomes an expert historian. Its annoying to me as well because the American group I belong to, we are all young guys. 16 to 25 years old. We have more items than most of young guys but not as much or as rare as the really old guys. Most reenactor are fat retired old farts who have the time and money to do a good job. Granted I know a lot of older reenactor who are not like this but that’s the stereo type. which holds mostly true. Our unit gets shit because we are young, we “didn’t earn that rank”, were too big, or too fat, too young,” and so on. They bark up the same tree that everyone else is up. The thing that gets me really riled up is that THE MEN WHO FOUGHT WORLD WAR 2 WERE 17, 18 TO 22 YEAR OLDS. That was the major group of soldiers. Like sorry we don’t have the extra money to throw around, buy a jeep and other cool shit. That’s how they recruit people, the groups with the coolest shit gets the most new guys. Ill end here before I rant another six paragraphs.

Oh and its my birthday. I’m 2 decades old…


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