“boots and pants, boots and pants…” My “friends” are shitheads

(lots of swear words this round)

Done with work, finally got through all my emails and facebook stuff. Work is going well. I enjoy it, always have a story to tell, even though no ones ever around… sierras always sleeping.. but its cool. made around 10 bucks in commission today! =) I also have around 44 hours in. the pay period is kinda weird, starts or ends on Tuesdays. maybe another day ill tell a few stories or talk about work. oh also, I had some random guy call work today bitching about something.

I picked up the phone and after saying my intro the guy ” this is fucking bullshit! this is unbelievable… blah blah fuck… shit… blah blah”   ME” Sir, I can get you a manager if youd like.” “yea I wanna fucking manager, this is bull shit. Who the fuck is the supervior?!?! blah blah”  ME ” okay sir, can you hang on a sec?”  HIM “yea I wanna fucking …. manager…. blah blah…. shit….blah”   …………………………………………………….    ME “the manager isn’t here right now can I have a name and number for him to call you back?” HIM “…*same as before (” this is fucking bullshit! this is unbelievable… blah blah fuck… shit… blah blah”) random stuff*…” ME “sir can I have a name and number for him to call you back?” HIM ” blah blah, swear, blah, swear,…………………………..” and he hung up in the middle of my 4th “can I have a name and number…”

I laughed.


I had a dentist appointment today/ Wednesday, I told “D” this the other day, we were going to meet up and shoot after my appointment. He just got a pistol and wanted me to teach him how to shoot because he wasn’t totally comfortable. well Tuesday he called me and said he was called into work and couldn’t shoot. Talking to him today around 2ish he was bitching about driving, I asked where he was, around an hour away from the area he works. he was around the valley/ area his girl friend lives. but she had school (I think). Lying fat bastard. You want to piss me off hardcore, like piss me off so much I see red, lie to me like that. I can put up with random shit or people being wired or annoying but lying like that just pisses me the fuck off. and once again “Tyler” is still like a girl. clingy and jealous. bout the wed thing (that fell through anyway)  never had stupid drama until my senior year of high school… more later.


random side note. I HATE helicopters at nights, its sketchy as fuck!


“Take out wallet, invert, and shake”

I think im going to make the jump into buying a Browning 1919 for my reenactor group. Well myself too. But I belong to a forum where everyone own belt feed rifles, 1919A4/ A6 and 1917’s mostly. Great guys, very helpful. One of them is going to build my gun. I put an ad up looking to buy a parts kit. The ATF and the feds are idiots when it comes to firearms. Ill save the big shpeel for another day but fully automatic machine guns were banned from manufacture in 1986, meaning that anything built before this date was legal and “transferable” cornering the market. so anything has to be semi auto. The US sent 10,000’s of 1919’s mainly to Israel. For most military surplus rifles to be imported they are made into parts kits. They cut the receiver (the body of the gun) and take apart the rest.

parts kit

parts kit

Notice the cuts in the receiver. Then law abiding people (such as myself) can rebuild most of these guns with parts that make them semi auto only and thus comply with the 1986 ban.

Well then

Soooo I got a job!! When Sierra and I went to visit here aunt and uncle to drop off some candy bars they bought as part of the fundraiser the young marines are doing. Sierra is the young marines accountant/ bookkeeper. While their her aunts brother or someone else who lives there and is related to her told us about a job opening at the place he works. They live and he works near/ at a truck stop off of interstate 80. I talked and found the site, called the manager, yada yada yada, and got hired. Ill be working full time because if I worked part time I would only be able to work 29 hours a week MAX because of obamacare’s new regulations. so full time avoids that problem. I’m going to start this Saturday and I work a the parts and service counter at the truck stop. I work 4PM to 12 which is a good shift for work/ school, and stuff. it will be a little inconvenient for hanging out with sierra and friends but what job isn’t? So i no longer will have to worry about money. I just hope it doesn’t affect my school. that’s what I worry about the most. ive been doing really well this semester.

My stupid “friends”… (not real names as noted by * *  )

So *tyler* texts me and says that him and *Austin* are up my way and wanted to see about hanging out. I have school work and school notes/ stuff that I need to get together before my class tonight. *Austin* applying for a job up here at a factory. (I worked here as a contractor during the summer) hes NOT MOVING up here. He lives past my parents house, so hes a good 45 mins plus away. this factory works their people like slaves, and the work 7 to 7, 12 hr shifts. moneys good. So he’s going to drive up and back, and since he’s young he will be put on the night sift of 7PM to 7AM. I told them he wont get the job. (good chance he wont) *Tyler* who I told you about getting comp for his injury, got fired… oh sorry… “laid off” from his desk job. Now trying to collect unemployment. I’m pretty well to the point where I only want to deal with him for WWII reenacting. I’m kinda close to getting the 1919. I have a little money from selling the figures we have and stuff but I’m thinking of fronting some of my school refund to get the ball rolling to get the gun built. then whatever I sell ill keep the money from to pay myself back. OH and *Austin* apparently doesn’t want to …. “cant” do WWII reenacting this year because he “doesn’t have money” He also lives at home, pays no rent, power, food, maybe pays his phone and car insurance at most, the rest he prob wastes on his GF that he prob cheats on and buying shit for his truck.

LAME…. all of it sooo on the better side of things

I want to quit my shitty cleaning job but sierra is bugging me to keep it, she even says shell clean for me since ill be at work but then shed want the money. (even though a lot of our money is both of ours so its not like shed spend this money on me anyway) but I just want to get away. I kinda want to call the company I work for and tell them that I wanted to quit but have someone who could replace me right away. Well see how it goes. The internets is still iffy sometimes. working about 75% of the time..

Jobs “…3 letterword, J-O-B-S jobs…” – Joe Biden. School

Well I got an email today from Lowes today. Well I should say I found an email form them. Telling me to fuck off (that I didn’t get the job) they sent it to me with in 2 hours of me putting my application in. I just wish they told me why. I think its those stupid “pre employment screening” test. I don’t know what kind of answers they want. I know Wal-Mart wants you to be brainwashed idiots who bow down to the all mighty manager and not think for yourself. I don’t know what Lowes wants. I think they want you to actually think for yourself. Wegmans had another opening for a parking lot person, also told me to fuck off so im back to square one…

Internet still doesn’t work. it worked a little the other day, but im on campus at the library screwing around, prob going to work soon. the one bank closes early on Wednesdays.

As for the school…

I was wrongfully suspended for a semester , but I appealed and was reaccepted. (found out they were in the wrong after I got reaccepted) Im on terms for being readmitted, I have to attend seminars/ workshops (which I can deal with) but this week I have to do “study sessions” for 4 hours for the week, mon- fri they have sessions from 5-9pm THE MOST INCONVIENANT TIME FOR ME! when I work, and having those 4 hours be “mandatory” just makes me not want to do them that much more, just like a parent saying “NO” and you doing “YES.” this will prob be the best semester Ive had yet because I actually like my classes. CRIMINAL JUSTICE COURSES!! weeeoooo.

Internet, power company, taxes, and unemployment.

Our internet is still not working, we told them were not paying the bill. We haven’t had internet for at least 2 weeks now. Worse than the internet provider is the power company and distributor. BUNCH OF CROOKS, Sierra and I’s apartment is a living room, kitchen/ hallway, bedroom and a super small bathroom. We got the power bill, $150!!!!!! and some change. We used LESS power than other months. We averaged 11 KWH a day which is prob on the bottom 25% of the amount we used per day throughout the year. We pay a little over 3 cents a KWH from the power company but our shithead provider jacked their rate up to 37 CENTS A KWH. We used 332 KWH’s that month. To which we called and told them to piss off and switched ASAP.

Now taxes, that’s a bunch of BS. Sierra is dual majoring in Accounting and Business management. I made the most i’ve made yet this year, a little over $10,000. I paid in a little over $1000 to the feds. I’m only getting back $641 because the tax bracket I got put into was $444. My “friend” made around $10,000 as well but he’s getting back $770. To which I say “the fuck?” Its frustrating because he doesn’t value work, or money, or where he lives (With his parents, free rent, mainly free food, Etc) he only pays car insurance, phone bill and gas. Sierra and I live on our own, pay our power, internet, gas, insurance, rent (525), going to college and food.(Good thing we’re responsible ADULTS. Also I love my parents dearly, when i’m in school they pay $150 of our rent) My shitty part time cleaning job doesn’t pay or work me enough to make ends meet, i’m running a deficit currently and I HATE that job. I have other applications in luckily. I have been taping into my savings for a good 4 months… Back to taxes. My dad made the most this past year than he ever made before, he’s getting a $1000 LESS than he usually does. Sierra did taxes for a coworkers boy friend, he made a bit over $60,000 this past year, he’s only getting back around $400!!! just because he’s not married and doesn’t own a house. (in his 20’s). The tax system is truly broken, the more you make, the more you get fucked. The rich do pay MORE than their fair share.


Unemployment is a catch 22, my dad is a block mason by trade, back when Obama first was elected he became unemployed and was pretty consistently unemployed for 4 years, luckily he was able to find a few jobs here and there to allow him to keep his unemployment good. Which helped our family stay above water. But at the same time I feel like unemployment should only be minimum wage. To incentive people to get another job. I have another “friend” who is 19/ 20 loss his job, working for a local township, and is drawing unemployment and getting the equivalent to $11 an hour! My “Friend” who lives with his parents, got fired (again) from his most resent job, found a temp job as a laborer, first day of work he hurt himself and took a little bit off the tip of his finger, he got compensation for around 3 weeks, getting $325 A WEEK in pocket (400 a week with a “tax” rate) that’s more than I make in a month. the temp job was only for 6 days and he got paid for 3 weeks, now he’s working an office job for them. Sierra and I are about to head to our bio lecture.

Stress: School, Internet, and Reenactors

Sierra and I have service of the local “Cheap” internet service provider. They are local and the cheapest in the area so many of us choose them. It is HORRIBLE. The internet will literally just stop working for NO REASON and it will start to work then it will stop again and its always when I am trying to do something and/ or want to do something important. Which gets me belligerently pissed off and makes it really easy for me to lash out a sierra over stupid things. Its annoying because I know I do it and I HATE upsetting her.

For the school part I always have it in the back of my head and am worrying about school, making sure I don’t get behind, and do well so far. I feel great at this point. Fairly caught up and doing well on tests/ quizzes. but it just adds to the life level of stress. The one thing I learn from living with sierra is that you will take your anger, frustration, or stress out on whoever you live with no matter how much you love them.

I do World War II reenacting, which means at some times I will dress up as a soldier from the war, I do German and American but mostly American. I have more stuff and its cheaper. But in the reenactor community (WW2, Civil War, Vietnam, WW1, or any war) there is a word “Farb” or “Farbe”
found this. it helps give a visual of what a "Farb" may be is a slang innuendo for someone who reenacts but does it in a way that is improper or incorrect to the time period. Most of the time it is young kids who do not have the money for all the proper stuff so they dress up in what they think is correct but lets say they don’t have “Issued” boots so they were modern ones. Or a friend I know has modern glasses that he wears because he hasn’t got his lenses put in a WWII ERA frame. It allows people to nit pick and be “Stich Nazi’s” For whatever reason German reenactor are the worst. You are always getting bitched at for something. Your hair cut, or that’s not the right lighter, or “Germans never captured weapons, why are you carrying that” Every swing dick becomes an expert historian. Its annoying to me as well because the American group I belong to, we are all young guys. 16 to 25 years old. We have more items than most of young guys but not as much or as rare as the really old guys. Most reenactor are fat retired old farts who have the time and money to do a good job. Granted I know a lot of older reenactor who are not like this but that’s the stereo type. which holds mostly true. Our unit gets shit because we are young, we “didn’t earn that rank”, were too big, or too fat, too young,” and so on. They bark up the same tree that everyone else is up. The thing that gets me really riled up is that THE MEN WHO FOUGHT WORLD WAR 2 WERE 17, 18 TO 22 YEAR OLDS. That was the major group of soldiers. Like sorry we don’t have the extra money to throw around, buy a jeep and other cool shit. That’s how they recruit people, the groups with the coolest shit gets the most new guys. Ill end here before I rant another six paragraphs.

Oh and its my birthday. I’m 2 decades old…